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QuickNode is an infrastructure provider for Web3 developers, used in many leading crypto-products, such as Dune, 1inch, Phantom, and 0x. They launched the campaign with Slise to bring more users to their Core API service.

Target on builders

QuickNode required an efficient and targeted way to reach their key audience of web3 developers, which is hard to find of Web2 ad platforms or Twitter. Slise's audience of advanced crypto-users, provided access to relevant traffic from various blockchain explorers including Ethereum, Optimism, Polkadot, Base, Gnosis chain, and their Testnets, frequented by developers testing smart contracts.

Average CTR — 0.46%

The campaign achieved a groundbreaking average CTR of 0.46% — a remarkable feat when compared to the industry average of 0.1%, especially for a B2B service like QuickNode.

Average Cost per Click — $1.30

Together with competitive CPM, high CTR produced unbeatable cost of click for a B2B audience. This exceptional performance can be attributed to the professionally-made creatives that were rigorously AB-testing to decrease the CPC by a factor of ten for the best performing ad variant.


Popular among crypto-natives service COINSBEE allows users to spend their crypto on real-world goods and services without ever touching fiat. Campaign objective—acquiring paying users.

Target on crypto-natives

As you can guess, anyone who holds crypto can be COINSBEE's client, but more often than not, those are hardcore crypto-degens that support crypto ideology. And what could be the better place to reach their attention than dApps which they use every day?

Average CTR — 0.58%

Build something people want, bring it to the right audience, and users will flow... Amazing CTR of 0.58% is almost 6 times higher than industry average 0.1%.

Average Cost per Click — $1.15

Given a good CTR and Slise's competitive CPM of $6-7, the CPC reached price zones typically observed in Web2 traffic channels, which would be impossible in other Web3 channels offering 2-4x higher CPMs.

Ledger VS Trezor

Two leading hardware wallet manufacturers utilized the Slise's ad platform amidst changing market dynamics caused by Ledger announcing their infamous recovery feature that made users doubt if their seed-phrase is really theirs...

Target on users with assets

Newbies from Binance don't buy hardware wallets. It takes exposure to different protocols and losing money a couple of times to start investing in digital security. So, the ideal customer profile for them include DeFi users, whales, and NFT investors. You guessed it, exactly the profiles Slise helps to reach.

Trezor showed x1.5 higher CTR

The Trezor's campaign leveraged strategic messaging, focusing on the user's need for secure seed-phrase ownership — a direct response to Ledger's PR fallout. That eventually produced more clicks, even when going head-to-head with much stronger brand of Ledger.

50+ creatives tested

More than 50 creatives were tested in a data-driven campaign co-created with Slise's expert team. These covered a broad range of designs, messaging, and CTA options for mobile and desktop. The extensive A/B tests yielded a 20x performance boost between the best and worst-performing banners.

Don't just take our word for it

I was cautious to try Slise, but they exceeded my expectations – guys really tried to help us succeed, we got real signups, and reached audience that would be impossible to reach otherwise
Elshan Dzhafarov
Onchain targeting is a powerful way to find relevant audiences in a post-cookie era. It's more powerful than traditional web2 targeting capabilities.
Quinn Campbell
VP of growth at Sky mavis

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